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Your info is private and won't be sold or shared with any partners.   
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$350+ Special Savings

Maximize revenue opportunities, accelerate payments and reduce bad debt with ethical, flexible and patient-friendly payment plan options and practice-friendly products and services. 

Special Offers valid till Oct 31, 2018

Sign up for ClearGage Patient Financing and receive first six months FREE (Introductory offer for new submissions. Zero set up or monthly fees for your first 6 months then $59/month)

Patient Financing:  Create payment plans for patient balances or treatment plans and choose whether to be paid upfront or over time. 100% patient approval with valid driver’s license, social security number and 2 unique forms of payment.
Automatic Payment Posting:  Save time and eliminate hassles from error-prone key entry and manual reconciliations.

AutoPay:  Automated settlement of patient balances.  

Online Bill Pay:  Allow patients to make payments 24/7 through a fully customizable, practice-branded web site.

Subscription Payments:  Easily set up patient payment plans for recurring billing for wellness plans.

Credit Card and ACH Processing:  Accept all major credit cards including FSA/HSA cards and payments from checking and savings accounts. Use these options for both POS processing or for payment plan payments.

The ACOM Health ClearGage integration provides solutions for:

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What Our Clients Say

Rapid PM and DOC are so easy to use. 

In the 20 years I have worked in healthcare, I have never worked with a software that was more integrated to the use of all of the staff. Rapid works from the check in process to the physician visit and thru the billing process. 

We have cut our work time in half allowing for more attention to our patients.

Dr. Heather | Injury Care Centers


Insurance and Patient Revenue Cycle Management Services

The ACOM Health with ClearGage partnership extends ACOM Health’s successful insurance billing services to maximizing collections of patient balances. 

With ClearGage you will stop writing off unpaid patient balances.

AutoPay / Account on File

Safely store and use patient’s payment account automatically.


Customized text or email messaging of payments due and options to pay now or enroll in facility-approved payment plans.

Save your staff’s time.

Automatic Payment Posting

Credit Card & ACH Processing

Accept all major credit card brands, checking and savings accounts and ACH payments.

PCI & HIPAA Compliant

ClearGage is both HIPAA and PCI Level 1 certified.

Patient Financing

Receive payment upfront in 10 days. 
You define patient financing plans with ClearGage’s patient-friendly and compliant financing programs.

Care Plan Calculator (ClearCalc)

Check patient eligibility, analyze the patient’s benefit plan and utilize payor fee schedules to accurately calculate the patient’s out-of-pocket expense.

Recurring/ Subscription Payments

Easily set up and automate patient payment plans.

Online Bill Pay (PayNowLite)

Allow Patients to make payments 24 hours a day through a fully customizable practice branded website.


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