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You helped me understand the value of sending claims daily (not just randomly two to three times a week) for a more accurate claims cost report. 

You’ve given me the confidence to stop wasting time on old claims that can’t be fixed, and just balance the patient payments to bring the accounts up to date!

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This customized analysis will provide you with a valuable snapshot of your insurance billing revenue cycle, plus a 15-minute review session.

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  • includes a deep dive in to your revenue from insurance

  • identifies successes and areas of improvement in insurance billing, collections, and accounts receivables

  • is absolutely free (this precision insight would cost thousands of dollars from a practice consultant)

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Your exclusive analysis will include insights and recommendations, like:

Charges & Payments

  • compares insurance payments and claims month over month

  • identifies inconsistencies

Averages Per Claim

  • highlights changes and trends

  • includes a review of possible issues, such as lack of follow-up on denials, payer credentials, or coding

  • reviews reimbursement rates that vary by state and payer, and the resulting impact

Outstanding Accounts Receivables

  • identifies abnormalities and causes

  • explains why commercial and government payer accounts receivables over one year are worthless

  • are collecting every dollar you are entitled to, in a timely fashion

Days Paid From Date-of-Service

  • reflects how long a claim sits in accounts receivable before paid by insurance

  • compares your days in accounts receivable versus industry standards

  • aids in identifying how much money to expect and when to expect it

  • measures the health of your practice

Customer Testimonials

The analysis was helpful because it helped me realize that getting charges out and posted timely make a huge difference in tracking the office statistics. 

It also gave me relief to see that my associate doctor is doing just as well in 2018 as I was doing in 2016. 

Graphs are such an easy representation of financial information, and the presentation showed a clear, concise snapshot of my practice.

Average Amount Per Claim

Our team of billing experts will offer you insider information to identify the source of your revenue problems, and we’ll give you advice on how to fix them.

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